The Morning Star Pow Wow

at John Carroll School

In 2001 John Carroll School began The Morning Star Celebration, a traditional benefit pow wow . The purpose of the pow wow is to raise funds for St Labre Indian School in Ashland, Montana. St Labre serves Cheyenne and Crow families through three schools that offer the range of opportunities that a good education makes possible. In addition to the benefit aspect of the pow wow, it also supports and builds the American Indian community of the central Atlantic area. The final purpose is to provide a cultural and educational event for our students and the wider community. There is much to learn from Native culture. This pow wow is an opportunity to do just that.

Each January for the last seventeen years, family and friends have gathered at John Carroll to sing, dance, laugh, celebrate traditions, and pray together. Attendance has increased each year so that the pow wow now features 5 drum groups, over 100 dancers, over 20 traders, and over 2,000 spectators.  A good spirit pervades as people enjoy old friends and make new ones.  You are all invited to be a part of this day that celebrates Native tradition.

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